Timeline of Canada – From Confederation to Today

If you are studying Canadian history, you might find this timeline a handy addition to your lessons. This part two printable covers the period of time from Confederation to today. (Need a timeline for Before Confederation?) How to use it: I designed this particular timeline to be able to be used within a 3-ring binder …

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Famous Explorers {Printable}

The golden age of European Exploration featured some pretty exciting and interesting people and experiences. (I mean, come on – getting eaten by natives has to be a wild adventure, right?) If you are studying this period of time, hopefully this printable will help make the learning fun. I was working on my lesson plans for …

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Timeline of Canada - to Confederation

Canadian Timeline – to Confederation {Printable}

Canada’s history might not be as long or as colourful as some other countries, but it does include some interesting tidbits of excitement and, as part of the New World, has had some unique adventures in exploration. This Canadian timeline tries to include most of the more important events in our history – ranging from …

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Family History Pack

Families are important. Learning about the people we are related to makes us understand ourselves better. Plus, it’s always fun to hear stories from the past and know that even our grandparents had a childhood – just like us! >> DOWNLOAD THIS RESOURCE PACK NOW << This printable gives you the pages you need to …

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