Family History Pack

Families are important. Learning about the people we are related to makes us understand ourselves better. Plus, it’s always fun to hear stories from the past and know that even our grandparents had a childhood – just like us!

My Family History - A simple family genealogy research project.

This printable gives you the pages you need to research and interview your close and extended family members. Print out the sets that you need – for example, you will probably want to print out two copies of the Grandmother and Grandfather sheets – one for each side of the family.

There’s an extra “More Family” page to use for anyone in the family – great grandparents, aunts, uncles, ancestors from the past, etc. Try to fill in the family tree.

If your family comes from another country, there’s a page for that too.

And, for those kids who are adopted – I haven’t forgotten you. I’m an adoptee myself and I know how conflicting the idea of family history can be.

Enjoy this opportunity to learn about the family around you – both past and present.


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