This Week in Review & Field Trip Reports

Whether or not you use a lesson planner in your homeschool, you might enjoy these week in review and field trip reports.

This Week in Review & Field Trip Reports

With one set for a teacher/parent, and a second for the student, included are both a week review form and a field trip report.

This Week in Review form offers a good opportunity to evaluate what you learned in the week, what challenges you faced, and what extras you did – both you and your child can easily journal your week with this simple page. The kid version asks kids to think about what they did well and what they need to work on.

The field trip report allows you to think about the effectiveness of the adventure, what the purpose was and if that was obtained, and if you think you should go again. For your child, they get to report on what they enjoyed and how they would rate the trip – plus, a space to draw or paste in a picture or memorabilia (like a ticket?).

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