Lesson Planner {Printable}

Planning out your school year really helps make a difference in your homeschool. It means that you have a clear vision of what you want to work on and breaks down all the smaller steps to get there.



This planner is based on the one that I have used for the last few years with my kids, offering plenty of space to write out what you will be doing each day and allowing a quick glance at the overall week. Each day has space to write down the extra activities that you have planned (field trips, clubs, playdates, etc) and 8 different subjects or topics to cover. At the end of the week, there is a box for notes where you can write anything that you feel useful.

I find checking off the boxes as we complete the tasks helps me see if we’ve missed anything and what we are moving to next. It is also easy to transfer the plans for the day to a Student Daily Checklist which can help your child stay on task and successfully move through their day.

There are typically 180 days in a school year, so that means you should print 36 copies of the weekly planner. Bind them together with the above cover and you have a year planner.

In addition to the weekly lesson planner, I’ve also included a monthly planner, so if you like to do month long units, it will be easy to plan out in a glance.

I’ve made this planner as simple as possible, so you can focus on the planning without distractions and too many extras.


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