Student Daily Work Checklist

If you’ve been trying to figure out a simple way to keep your school days more productive, this is the solution.



I have been using this exact form with my own sons for a few years now and it has seriously helped us get more done with less fighting. It keeps me accountable while keeping my kids on task, and helping to make them more independent with their work.

Every day, simply write out what subjects you want to work on in that day, along with what work needs to be done. You can use this for any subject in any method. Write down what website to log into, what pages to read in a book, what worksheet to complete, what task to finish. You can add field trips and other scheduled activities.

I even use it for chores.

There’s something gratifying to kids to be able to check something off as “done” and the power to know exactly what they need to do to be finished makes the idea of school time less stressful and overwhelming. It breaks everything down into manageable tasks.

You can either print off a checklist every day, check the boxes off and recycle the pages. Or print off a full year’s worth of sheets and the cover, bind them into a book, and you have an easy record of the work completed over the course of the year. (An average number of school days is 180).

I have included a two options for pages that you can choose from depending on your school plans for the year. One has everything blank for you to personalize. The other has the main subjects filled in, along with a section for chores and spaces to add what extras you are doing in your day.

I hope that this will help your school days be easier!


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10 thoughts on “Student Daily Work Checklist”

  1. I’m loving these printables! I’m going to be using a checklist with my older two this year so they can take some responsibility for their work. I love check lists for myself!

    1. Thanks so much. 🙂 I love checklists for myself too – there’s something exciting about crossing stuff off. hehe. 🙂 I hope they work well with your kidlets! Let me know how it works.

    1. That’s exactly what I need them for too! It really really helps us stay on task. I forget about them too often then we lose our focus. Hoping they help you 🙂

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