A School Days Treasury {Printable}

Our children’s school years go quickly – racing ahead at the speed of life, and even if we don’t have our kids in the school system, documenting this is important.

So today, I’m excited to share with you A School Days Treasury, which is a free printable collection of papers designed to help record these memories.


For both families who homeschool and families with kids in school, this collection has pages for grades Kindergarten through 8. Each grade level includes a:

  • page to print for a first day of (home)school photo
  • a summary of the year – with 2 editions, one with a space for a teacher & school name and the other without those spaces
  • an interview sheet for the start of the year to watch how your child’s answers change year by year
  • a year-in-review page, where you can record all the things done in the year

You can use these sheets as covers and the contents of a binder, folder, or bin designated for your child’s school year. Save things to help create memories – awards, artwork, special projects, samples of schoolwork, tickets from field trip locations, etc. These are so much fun to look through when your child is older.


5 thoughts on “A School Days Treasury {Printable}”

  1. I do wish I had done something like this when my girls were younger. I do take pictures (most years anyway) of our “first day” of school. This is a great idea!

  2. What a cute printable! We did something like this last year and was planning it again this year. I think I will use your cute ones for the girls. Thanks!

  3. I love this printable. When our children were younger, I started a scrapbook for each of my children that was to be their School Days album. Unfortunately, life has gotten away from me. It does have my wheels turning on the possibility of building such a book for my daughter for her high school graduation this year. Thanks for a great post!

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