Canadian Flyer: Danger, Dinosaurs {Living Book Review}

Danger Dinosaurs

Title: Canadian Flyer Adventures: Danger, Dinosaurs!
Author: Frieda Wishinsky
Publisher: OwlKids Books

Age Range: Children (6+)
Time Period: Pre-history
Location: Alberta, Canada (?)

“Matt and Emily travel far, far back in time, on a quest to see dinosaurs. Each amazing encounter with the dinosaurs they meet is beyond anything they could have imagined. Join them… if you dare!”

This is the second book in the series, following their first adventure to Frobisher Bay after discovering the magical Canadian Flyer sled. Now they find themselves way in the past, when dinosaurs roamed around the continent. I loved that they were sharing the names of important Canadian paleontologists who contributed to the discovery and study of dinosaurs.

This novel gives kids a chance to get a little bit of action and adventure in a time period that they are usually excited and curious about. They get to see both gentle herbivore and carnivore dinosaurs up close, as Emily and Matt explore the prehistoric world of Canada.

This whole series is perfect for the early school years, easy in language without sacrificing the adventure.

Once again, the book ends with top ten fact lists from both of the story’s characters as well as a Q&A from the author all about dinosaurs.

Although these books are no longer in print, you could look for Canadian Flyer books at your local library or second hand.

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