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To help Canadian homeschooling families connect with each other and also with companies and resources that will help them on their learning journey. I want them to find curriculum, materials, and resources that are relevant to them, their experiences, and their history. However, this is not exclusive to anyone who could use and appreciate the resources I share and create – I’m excited to see teachers, parents, and others find what they need.

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Kalahari Reader

“Daddy, I Want to Read” Books for Beginning Readers

“Daddy, I Want to Read” are a set of beginning reading books written by a Christian Missionary family while the lived in the Kalahari Desert of Africa. There are five books in the series which are designed to be used in two lessons per day on school days – taking about a year to get […]

Performing Arts in the Homeschooling Curriculum

As a homeschooling project, our family volunteered to help out with props and set design of our church’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Our pastor, the director, had graduated with a degree in theatre arts and our organist, an accomplished musician, was named musical director. The Board allotted several thousand dollars to the budget, so […]

Learning About Aerodynamics with Science Expeditions

This post contains affiliate links. This month with Little Passports’ Science Expeditions kit, we got to explore Aerodynamics. When the kit arrived, we started guessing what would be inside the box. For sure, we thought there were going to be paper airplanes. Eagerly my science kid opened it up and we were surprised – no […]

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