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To help Canadian homeschooling families connect with each other and also with companies and resources that will help them on their learning journey. I want them to find curriculum, materials, and resources that are relevant to them, their experiences, and their history. However, this is not exclusive to anyone who could use and appreciate the resources I share and create – I’m excited to see teachers, parents, and others find what they need.

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Unit Study Planner

Creating Unit Studies {+Printable}


One approach to learning is to use unit studies. This all-encompassing, focused study uses resources from all areas of a curriculum whenever possible, and provides an in-depth learning experience. Often these studies start with a main resource book, dig into extras, involve hands-on where possible, and expand through many subjects such as math, language, history, […]

Teach Your Kid About … First Aid


Want to teach your kid about first aid? Here’s an easy to follow, free, online course to teach them that essential life skill. First Aid for Free The site is called First Aid for Free and offers online lessons that cover all sorts of first aid topics: Basic & Advanced First Aid Skills, Pediatrics First Aid, […]

GoNoodle – A Fitness Game You Can Do At Home


Our youngest son has ADHD and it was recommended that he do about 25 – 30 minutes of physical activity a day; preferably before our school time. To help facilitate this, our specialist suggested is a movement based website that uses videos to get kids up and moving around. With each video watched, […]

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