The Canadian Encyclopedia – An Online Reference Resource

Once upon a time, you would do research by looking things up in a set of encyclopedia. Back in 1983, The Canadian Encyclopedia was released – a unique collection of information about our country. Today, this resource has been moved online and is available for everyone.

Canadian EncyclopediaThe website has more than 20,000 articles that cover just about any topic related to Canada. This is a perfect resource for any subject related to history or important people in Canadian history.

When surfing around the site, you can either search directly for the topic you are looking for like you would in a traditional encyclopedia, or explore some of the other features available. They have done a great job of making their site interactive and relevant.

  • Exhibits – basically like series of magazine articles about a certain topic, such as Aboriginal Art, the Battle of Normandy during the World War, Asian Heritage in Canada, and more. They include bright, vibrant photos and written segments that relate.
  • Interactive Timelines – these take you chronologically through events. You simply scroll along the timeline and click on various dots representing related events to that topic.
  • Your Canada – an interactive section that allows for comments and feedback from its readers on key things across the country – asking for you to contribute to Canada’s story.
  • Collections – an alphabetical, visual section where you can click on the topic you want to learn more about, and will find everything they have available on that topic. For example, when exploring the topic of confederation, they have links to articles, videos, a timeline, some pictures, and a study guide.

There is a special area for teachers, where you can search by topic and find links to study guides and quizzes to help when teaching your children.

This site is run by Historica Canada, an organization created to help share Canada’s history.  They also run the Memory Project site, Heritage Minutes, and many other great resources for Canadian history.

The Canadian Encyclopedia is an important resource for anyone wanting to know more about the places, people, and moments of Canada.

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