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The National Eating Disorder Information Center (NEDIC) has put together a series of curriculum materials and lesson plans to help teach kids about body image, media, friends, and self-esteem. This curriculum is called Beyond Images, and is completely free when you register on the site.

beyond images

Designed for use in a classroom of students in Grades 4 through 8, each level has five separate lessons. From the lessons I looked over, it seemed like all the different ideas were fully usable (or adaptable) to homeschool use.  Each lesson includes what to do, information on how it ties in with the provincial curriculum expectations, an evaluation form (that teachers like to use), links to suggested media for that lesson, and any worksheets needed.

Here are the lessons.

Grade 4: 

  • Banishing Body Talk
  • Celebrating My Authentic Self
  • Friendship and Self-Esteem: A Two-Way Street
  • Friendship and Taking a Stand
  • Blogging for Friendship and Self-Esteem

Grade 5: 

  • Confront Comparisons
  • The Message IS the Medium
  • Names DO Hurt Me!
  • Discovering the Voices Within
  • Sharing Our Messages

Grade 6

  • Media Messages
  • Fabricating Beauty
  • Behind the Cover Page – Up Close and Personal with YOU
  • Manipulating Magazines: Dissecting Advertisements
  • Magazine Mania – Positively Positive for Kids!

Grade 7

  • Appearance Ideals
  • Investigating The Notion of “Beauty”
  • Capturing the True Ideals In, and Around, Us
  • Exploring the Power of the Pen
  • Challenging and Reclaiming Beauty

Grade 8

  • Body Image Basics
  • Onslaught
  • Celebrity Status
  • Be the Change
  • Representing My Best Image

These sessions are not only for girls, but also for boys. Everyone can struggle with negative body images. A great way to combine health and media.

Find all the information at

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