Teach Your Kids About … Journalism

Journalism is the compilation and editing of news to present in media. Here are some resources for your students to learn more about journalism, researching and creating articles.journalism Elementary School Lessons & Resources

High School Lessons & Resources

Online Courses 



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3 thoughts on “Teach Your Kids About … Journalism”

  1. Annette Dammer

    Love your site. You’ve listed part of ours above, where we teach Journalism Online. It’s free and it is running. The kids interact through YAHOO, and I wrote it. My name’s Annette Dammer and I’ve been a journalist, author, and college instructor for a nearly 20 years. We also have free online English classes: English I, English II, American Literature, and next year we will add our final two: British Literature and Multi-Cultural Literature. I’d love to link to you and help you in any way. I am now homebound and this is FREE ministry/calling for me. Finally, we’ve home-schooled for 14 years, and I write a weekly newspaper column for Home-school families. God bless you in what you do! PS: Could add that we are active above?

    1. Hi Annette.
      Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂 I’ve fixed the reference to Journalism Online that it’s up and running. 🙂 And I put a link to your main page as well. Thank you for offering your program.
      Lisa Marie.

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