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I just wanted to share with you a resource that I was shown recently and have FINALLY had a chance to start using. It’s called Progressive Phonics and it’s completely free! (I love free!)

There are two distinct sections to work through.

First is the Alphabetti section – aimed at learners who are ages 3-6, depending on their reading readiness. It is divided  into 5 parts. Each part has 10 to 15 lessons/books. Unfortunately, the last two parts are currently un development (and apparently behind the planned schedule). I hope they can continue to publish these great books.

This section focuses on teaching  letter recognition and a slow introduction to phonetic sounds, building onto the previous lessons. They start with the lower case – and seeing as this case is the most common in our daily lives, this makes complete sense. For example, book 1-1 is all about the letters d, o, g. Each letter is announced and pronouced – “d say duh like duck, doll, and daisy.” They get to use their hands to make the letter shape, then work on smushing these letters together to make actual words – in this case, dog and dod (the name of the dog in the story!). After the beginning lessons, there is a story. The words that the kids have just finished learning are written in slightly larger font in red so they stand out. You read along, pausing for your child to read his new word proudly.

Even after the first DAY of using this book, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my son’s ability. Where he had trouble understanding that letters had names and sounds, he was getting it! He begged to read the story 4 times! He was so proud of himself for “reading!” 🙂 Big break through.

The best part is that they also have activities for each lesson. So for 1-1 – you get some cut and paste activity (using ball shapes and circle shapes to make letters!), some cards to play memory with the new words they’ve learned, colouring sheet, and letter printing practice sheets.

After kids have mastered letter recognition and basic phonics, they can move forward to the next level of books – Phonics. There are materials for Beginners (short vowels, variations of some consonants like the s in ‘his’), Intermediate (long vowels, consonant blends, digraphs), and Advanced (r controlled words, w controlled words, and tons more.).

Again, each section is broken down into books and activity sheets, offering teaching suggestions and making it an interactive learning method.

There is still a lot of behind the scenes development for this material, but it’s fantastically done and completely free – making it a very valuable tool for anyone who is struggling or wanting to get started on teaching reading skills.

All you have to do is print it out, cut it out and staple it together and voila! ready for action! (I sent it to Staples and got it printed!). Enjoy!

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  1. Hi, Wondering if you have any of the PDFs of this saved? The Progressive Phonics website is no longer up and I’m on book 9 intermediate with my daughter and trying to figure out how to get the rest. Thanks!

  2. The progressive phonics website is gone!!! Does anyone have the advanced books already downloaded and saved that they can share???

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