Peppermint Stick Learning Co.

One of my readers recommended this company and after some research I’m excited to bring to you a Canadian curriculum company called Peppermint Stick Learning Company.

Based out of Bracebridge, ON, this homeschooling family of 6 children ranging from infant to jr. high, has developed a curriculum based on the needs of their children and the homeschooling community. Joy, the author, told me:

“I do write Canadian-based curriculum with the goal of meeting or exceeding Ministry of Ed. standards here and do so from a Biblical perspective when issues arise (such as creation/evolution, ethics, values). “

From their catalogue “About Us”:

“We provide Canadian-based academic resources. Our goal is to provide resources to help educators meet  or exceed Canadian Ministry of Education standards of skills and knowledge (but not necessarily values or perspectives) in most subjects. While not all of our products are made in Canada, we especially like items which teach about Canadian places, animals, and other things of relevance to people in our country.

We try to be both financially and environmentally-friendly. Most of our curriculum either is textbook-style or contains reproducibles so that the material can be bought only once, if desired, and used for the entire family. (We sell only a few consumable workbooks.)”

They have put together a Kindergarten bundle which includes eight beginner products on math, printing, reading, science/health/technology, art, social studies, skill development.  This is the first kit I’ve found in any Canadian homeschooling curriculum!

In addition to their own curriculum, they also resell other company materials that they have reviewed, enjoy, and recommend.  Any Canadian products are clearly marked with a maple leaf – making them easy to find.

Take a look through their downloadable catalogue – neatly divided into sections based on subject and labelled by recommended grades. Everything is covered here:

  • Peppermint Stick Learning Co. Preschool
  • Colouring Books
  • Science
  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • French
  • High School Electives
  • Home Economics
  • History and Geography
  • General Literature
  • Physical Education and Play
  • Art
  • General School Supplies and Stickers
  • Bible

They are in the works of developing more products and hope to move towards offering their books as digital products.

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