Professor Noggin

I have a challenge for you. See how many of the following questions you can answer:

1. Jeanne Sauve was the first female to hold what office?

2. What fur-trading company, founded in 1670, is the oldest existing company in Canada?

3. What is Craigellachie?

4. What did Frederick Banting and Charles Best discover in 1921?

5. What NHL team has won the most Stanley Cups?

These are just a few of the many questions in the card game #20 from Professor Noggin: History of Canada.

I was sent a copy of this game to try out and share. This game is very challenging! It’s a great way to recall history facts and find out things you didn’t know before. (Let’s just say, hubby and I tried asking questions of each other for quite a while and were definitely challenged!) For students, it’s a great way to put history into a fun new format, refresh and remind lessons learned, and reinforce the facts.

But Professor Noggin has a lot more games than just Canadian history. They have several topics: history, science, geography, mythology, nature, and more. At the moment, there are 37 different titles.

Each box comes with a set of trivia cards. On the front is artwork to share the topic of that card, and the back as a set of questions, divided into easy and hard categories. You roll the special enclosed dice, ask the corresponding question and try to answer correctly. If right – the card is yours. If wrong, the card goes back in the pile for another time around.


To see a full list of available titles (which includes this History of Canada and a geography of Canada), and to find out where you can buy them, please visit

And for those of you who want to know…. here are the answers: 1. Governor general 2. Hudson’s Bay Company 3. Location where the last spike of the railway was driven in. 4. Insulin. 5. Montreal Canadiens

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