Number Words Cheat Sheet

Number Words – A Printable Quick-Reference Sheet

Learning the concept of numbers being written as words can be a little complex for a young mathematician. Being able to connect number words to numerals to values can be hard. My mom drew a sheet like this for my Grade 1 son when he was struggling and it made a huge difference in him …

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All About Fractions Reference Pack

Fractions can be tricky, so I’ve made this Reference Pack to help make things as clear as possible. It includes: What are fractions? Adding fractions with common and different denominators Subtracting fractions Multiplying and dividing fractions Mixed numbers Whole numbers as fractions Fraction Bars and Circles

Days & Months {Printable}

If understanding the order of the days of the week or the months of the year is challenging for your kids, or if you wanted an easy way to teach the idea of the date – here’s a simple printable for you. This printable includes: A list of the days of the week, along with …

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