Number Words – A Printable Quick-Reference Sheet

Learning the concept of numbers being written as words can be a little complex for a young mathematician. Being able to connect number words to numerals to values can be hard.

My mom drew a sheet like this for my Grade 1 son when he was struggling and it made a huge difference in him being able to recognize and understand which numbers belong to which words. We kept it tucked into his math workbook to reference when needed.

Simple, but effective, this handy little reference sheet helps kids to see how words and numbers are connected. Pop it into a page protector (or laminate it!) to keep it longer.

To print, simply click on the image of this number words cheat sheet below. It will open as a PDF file which you can print directly.


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3 thoughts on “Number Words – A Printable Quick-Reference Sheet”

  1. I always find it interesting the ways in which people picture the numbers with dots. I’m surprised by your five not matching up with the way fives are drawn on dice – its not wrong or anything, just interesting to me.

    When I think of numbers in dot patterns, I naturally think of them as two groups, with the odd numbers having one extra: so seven as 3 + 4. Then the math curriculum I’m using homeschooling my children encourages them to see it as groups of 5 + something. So seven as 5+2.

  2. Thanks for an amazing post! This quick-reference sheet on number words is incredibly helpful! As someone who occasionally struggles with spelling out numbers correctly, this resource will definitely come in handy. Thanks for sharing it! Do you have any other printable reference sheets that you recommend for language-related topics?

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