Learning Outside the Box

The beautiful thing about homeschooling is that you can do things your own way, a different way, a unique way – something that works for you, your family, and the children you teach. This month, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team shares some of their ideas for learning outside the box.

Learning Outside the Box
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Annette – STEM and More Fridays

Doing things differently, helps my lad learn. Doing STEM is fun!

 Jennifer – How to Use Learning Provocations in Your Homeschool

How do you get your kids enthused about learning?! You can make learning especially exciting with learning provocations! Get the what, why, and how of this delightful way to teach children!

Bonnie – Baking Days Teach Math, Reading & Life Skills

I tend to follow very traditional homeschooling methods, just as my mom did when she was homeschooling me. I rely on pre-planned curriculum with textbooks and workbooks for the girls. However, knowing what the girls are working on in math or science makes it easy for me to apply to other things they are doing, from field trips to games to books they are reading. One of my favourite ways of taking our homeschooling outside the box is to do some baking.

Baking is an easy activity to adapt to the level of any of the girls. All three like helping me in the kitchen, as it’s fun to create and then to eat what we create.

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