Homeschool Science Advice

Homeschool Science seems to be something that people struggle with, so this month the Canadian Homeschool Blogger Team is sharing some of their best science related posts to help you with this subject.

Homeschool Science


Jennifer – Science Materials You Can Find Around Your Home

Affordable homeschooling can be a challenge. Check out this handy list of science materials you can find around your home!

Jen – Salt Water, Sand, and Sneaky Science

My kids think homeschooling year round is a cruel form of punishment. What they don’t know is that they learn all summer long 😉 Find out how we combine fun and learning in the sun.

 Shelley – Walking Rainbow – You Shall Not Pass Edition

So you know when you attempt an experiment and it completely and utterly fails? Yeah, so that happened. But we were able to turn it into a fantastic study about some scientific principles. In fact, it ended up being a much better lesson than if we hadn’t messed up. Yeah for failures! Wonder which experiment? It was the very simple walking rainbow challenge. And I completely screwed it up.

Alison – Hands-on Learning for Science

Do you struggle with getting around to doing science experiments and projects with your kids? I sure do. My biggest struggle has been with planning — you might be surprised at how many “common, household materials” are not common in my home! In the past, we’ve missed out on simple science projects that require a paper cup, thermometers and even paper towels! I’m not much of a planner by nature, and as a result we passed by so many good experiments last year. This year, the solution to our problem was simple — I bought the accompanying science kit for our curriculum — and it has made all the difference in the world.

Annette – STEM: The Making of a Solar Oven

The question posed to my son was this: Do you think the sun could be used to make cookies?

 Ana – 8 Favourite Christian Homeschool Science Curriculum

For me, as a Christian homeschool mom and a pastor to teach my kids science from a creation point of view is non-negotiable. I believe God created the Heavens and the Earth and everything else that exists and I want to teach my children through a Biblical perspective. But choosing the right curriculum for your family can be hard.

Bonnie – Homeschool Science: Caves & Volcanoes

The girls have really enjoyed our last two units in Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space and I have to admit I have too; caves and volcanoes are pretty cool!


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