Getting Hands-On With Learning

Some things are just learned better when you get in there and try it for yourself. This month, a few of the blogging team have put posts together to share their ideas on how to get hands-on with learning.

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Alison – Hands on Learning With Science

Do you struggle with getting around to doing science experiments and projects with your kids? I sure do. My biggest struggle has been with planning — you might be surprised at how many “common, household materials” are not common in my home. In the past, we’ve missed out on simple science projects that require a paper cup, thermometers and even paper towels! I’m not much of a planner by nature, and as a result we passed by so many good experiments last year.

Bonnie – Hands-on Homeschooling

One thing I’ve noticed with both Sunshine and Lily is that they love hands-on homeschooling. While they usually enjoy learning, they get really excited when I mention “craft” or “experiment” or get out various manipulatives to use in math lessons. I’m thankful that most of our curriculum have quite a few hands-on ideas built in, but I’ve also started watching for more ways to make their learning more tactile. Here’s a few things that they’ve had fun with.

Joelle – 5 Games to Jump Start Your Hands-on Learning

With Christmas coming up, I thought I would share with you a few educational games that are fun to play all the while teaching a lot.

Annette – Engaging the senses to cement learning

Science has proven that part of memory is the senses that accompany them. So to help our children retain information, the more we engage the senses, the more our children will retain in their memories.

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