French Sing and Learn – Using Music to Learn French

How do you teach French in your homeschool? Do you do the typical hear, speak, read, write method?

Leanne Seal, a Canadian homeschooling mom, has a great blog called Frenglish Learning – where she’s been compiling French language resources for the beginner to advanced French language learner.

One of the unique methods that Leanne uses with her kids is to present French through music. Using music to learn is a creative and fun way to get things into kids’ heads and understanding. It can even be so relaxed and casual that children don’t even realize that they are learning! The same is true with learning languages. We are blessed to have many popular French kids’ songs that are great to teach from.

Leanne has created a program that easy to follow. It’s called¬†¬†French Sing and Learn – which takes those popular songs and makes them into a learning experience. It’s designed for students who are between the ages of 3 and 10 years old.

There are two ways to access this program.

The first is by ebook. Leanne has created 2 volumes of the printable book.

french sing and learn

Volume One covers 10 songs, including Frere Jacques, Sur la Pont d’Avignon, and Alouette. For each song, you will find:

  • History and description of the song
  • Link to a video of the song
  • Link to sheet music
  • Worksheets
  • Activities related to the song

These lessons are a fun and easy introduction into the French language, and are completely adaptable for your kids – depending on their ages and understanding levels.

Volume Two follows the same pattern, with 10 more songs to keep the learning going.

These books are only $2.99 each.

To get your own copy, visit my store: French Sing and Learn

Option two is an online course. In this program, you get all the same learning resources as you do in the print edition, with all 10 songs, but it includes:

  • an introduction video for the parent / teacher by Leanne that preps you for that lesson
  • a student video that features Leanne teaching your child followed by an animated video of the song
  • student worksheets, activities, sheet music, and more.

You can check out one of the sessions and an intro explanation in better detail on the course page for French Sing and Learn Online.

The online program is only $14.99.

French Sing and Learn is a unique and fun, interactive way to bring French into your studies.

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2 thoughts on “French Sing and Learn – Using Music to Learn French”

  1. Marceline Millette

    Hi from Saskatchewan, Do you have resources like workbooks and books as well as the music learning? I do not want online learning.
    Marcy Millette

    1. Hey there,
      This program is a printable workbook, I believe, that works along with some YouTube videos that you can listen and sing along with.
      There IS also an online version, for those who are interested, but it’s not required.
      Hopefully that explains it.

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