French / English Vocab Cards {Printable}

If you want to bring French vocabulary into your home, here are some cards to help you succeed at introducing and reviewing a variety of words.

French Vocabulary Cards and Matching Game

Learning the foundations of another language can be a little challenging, so I thought these cards would help with developing the understanding of object names. These French vocabulary cards include 80 words from everyday life – generally around your home: Furniture, colours, rooms, numbers, colours, animals, and foods.

There are two copies of each page – one set with both French and the English words, and one set with only the French words. Each card contains the word and an image.

Some ideas on how to use these:

  1. Label things in your home. Cut these out, and attach them to the things they describe. Make the words part of everyday conversation and observation.
  2. Self-checking flash cards. Using only the French word cards, cover up the images along the edge. Can your child recognize the words? Uncover the graphic to confirm if they got the meaning correctly.
  3. Match the Picture. Cut off the pictures of the French only cards and match pictures to words.
  4. Go Fish. Remove the art from the sides. One player gets the French/English set, and the child gets the French only pile. Player asks the child if they have one of the cards using the English word and the child has to find the match in French. ie. If the Player asks, “Do you have a garbage can?”  the child finds la poubelle card and makes a match. To make it tricky, the Player could even add in random words not included in the set.

You are limited only by your imagination with how you can use these cards!

These French-English Vocabulary Cards are now available in my shop. 

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