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If you are looking for Canadian based comprehensive curriculum books, check out this new series from Chalkboard Publishing – Canadian Curriculum Success.

Covering the topics of Math, Language Skills, Reading Comprehension, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Cursive Writing, (depending on the level) these books are a great place to start and expand learning for each grade.

Canadian Curriculum Success 5

Looking through the Grade 5 book:

  • The Mathematics program is divided up into short half-page daily questions for 30 weeks, followed by tests in multiplication and division. Mondays are Patterning & Algebra, Tuesdays are Number Sense, Wednesday are Geometry, Thursdays are Measurement, and Fridays are Data Management.
  • Grammar and Reading cover basics such as plural nouns, verb tenses, commas, and adjectives, as well as several read and response stories.
  • Cursive Writing leaves lots of trace and practice pages, followed by some challenges and prompts.
  • Social Studies coves some history of Canada, such as the Fur Trade and New France as well as some basics of our Government.
  • Science covers the human body, matter, structures, and energy.
  • Tucked in the back are a few great art ideas to help prompt some creativity.

The pages are black and white, simple and not cluttered with graphics. Where there are some, they aren’t intrusive or distracting, but tend to just fill in potential chunks of white space.

For subjects that require a teaching portion, there is a special box at the top of the page or a full-page explanation of concepts and lessons followed by the exercises or questions that relate to it.

I personally have been using this book as the foundation basis with my Grade 5 student to give me an idea of what we’re to be learning and expanding from there, not as a full complete curriculum.

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4 thoughts on “Chalkboard Publishing – Canadian Curriculum Grade Books”

  1. Thanks for the info. Would you happen to have any info on where to start with with gifted and french immersion children. Unfortunately I have little knowledge of french and would like to keep my children in that program.

  2. hey there!
    first year homeschooling and i as well am using this as my basis with some waldorf infused ideas and other curriculum pieces. nothing feels complete yet and i am wondering if i could pry and find out what other curriculum pieces you are using, also i found that this book doesnt have an answer key. or am i looking over it. we are only on day 2 homeschooling 🙂…and light

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