Canadian Homeschool Laws: Saskatchewan

canadian homeschool laws: SaskatchewanWhile homeschooling regulations in Saskatchewan are set by the province, registration, documentation, and files are maintained by each school district. Each district appoints a homeschool administrator, who serves as the contact individual for homeschooling parents, and who will collect information coming from parents regarding homeschool registration, plans, outcomes, etc…

Each year a registration form must be filled out, and an educational plan for each child submitted. Following your educational year, you will need to submit student outcomes. For new homeschoolers, at least 30 days’ notice must be given to the school district prior to beginning a home education program. Specific requirements for what must be included in educational plans and student outcome reports, and deadlines for each, will differ depending on the school district in which your children are registered. Registration forms are available from each district office or website. In addition, a cumulative file of student outcomes must be kept. This file may include items such as summative records, a portfolio of work completed, and test results.

If you are unsure which district you are residing in, the provincial government map of school districts can be found at the following link: School Districts and links to each district website can be found at: . Most school districts have information on their individual website regarding regulations for homeschooling in the district, as well as links to government forms and information.

Districts also vary with regard to remuneration of educational expenses. Information regarding your district policy can be obtained from your local district homeschool administrator. In addition, services provided to homeschool students also differ between districts. Your administrator will be able to inform you regarding any assistance you may receive with regard to curriculum materials, access to school facilities and programs, special education testing or additional supports etc…

Provincial contact information:

Independent Schools and Home-based Education Unit
4th Floor, 2220 College Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 4V9
Telephone: (306) 787-1843
Fax: (306) 798-0457

Provincial homeschooling webpage:

This webpage provides a link to the Home-based Education Parent Handbook for Saskatchewan homeschoolers, as well as facts regarding home-based education in Saskatchewan, ministry responsibilities with regard to home-based education in Saskatchewan, and information regarding secondary level credits.

Homeschooling Support Programs

Saskatchewan Home-Based Educators (SHBE) is a support group comprised of Saskatchewan homeschooling families across the province.

SHBE website:

Their website provides information and links regarding homeschooling in Saskatchewan and Canada, as well as a listing of smaller regional homeschool support groups located around the province. They also provide a ‘getting started’ guide in both written and audio versions to assist new homeschoolers, school division contact information, government regulation information, post-secondary helps, and lists of additional resources of interest to Saskatchewan homeschoolers.

SHBE holds an annual homeschooling conference in Regina or Saskatoon each year, hosting homeschooling and educational speakers, as well as curriculum and post-secondary institution representatives. This is often a great place to make contacts as well as become familiar with homeschooling resources and options.


Page compiled by: Sheri Vincent

I am a homeschooling mom of three, ages 12, 9, and 5 (with more on the way). I left my profession, as a full time marriage and family counselor, in order to homeschool my three children, two of whom are both adopted and have special needs. Homeschooling has allowed me to provide my children with an education that suits their needs, lead and executed by the individual most invested and interested in their success (myself!). It is an amazing blessing and my daily joy to watch them learn and grow.

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    1. Homeschooling costs are dependent on the method and curriculum options you choose. Some people are able to homeschool essentially for free while others choose to spend large amounts of money by purchasing elaborate kits filled with lesson plans and books. It’s really a matter of personal choice.

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  2. We have been looking at relocating to Saskatchewan…. We are in Ontario now and home school……. Reading all of this, it seems extremely intimidating. Any insight from veterans would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      It probably sounds more complicated than it really is! I recommend connecting with SHEB – they will have lots more helpful and specific information that will help you out!

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