Bullying Awareness Week: Learning Resources

Bullying is a serious, and far too prevalent problem. Each November, Bullying Awareness Week kicks off a campaign to help teach kids how to handle bullying in their schools and community. Here are some resources to help with anti-bullying lessons.

Learning Resources for Bullying Awareness Week in November

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1. BullyingAwarenessWeek.org

This is where it all started and where the main hub for the week is based. Originally created here in Canada, Bullying Awareness Week has been spreading quickly. The site has daily plan:

  • Monday: Get the Facts
  • Tuesday: It’s a Community Issue
  • Wednesday: Stop Cyber-Bullying!
  • Thursday: Be the Change
  • Friday: Blue Friday

There are suggested activities, resources, and printables, plus you can order bracelets, and listen to audio sessions for each of the days.

2. Family Channel

The Family Channel here in Canada has several terrific tools including a ton of printable PDF resources for parents, students, and teachers on a broad scope of subjects: LGBTQ, cyberbullying, and teasing. You can also watch several videos on the theme of “Stand Up” like this music video.

3. Stop a Bully

This website is a non-profit organization aimed to helping promote a safe and anonymous way for students in a Canadian school setting to be able to report a bully. They created a pink wrist bracelet campaign where they’ve distributed over 150,000 bracelets to help bring awareness about bullying in school settings. Under the Resources tab, you will videos, and teacher resources with a huge collection of links to help with lessons.

4. Education World

A huge collection of anti-bullying and tolerance lesson plans. Some are based on studying the media, some on cultural traditions (like the talking stick), and others on how to handle bullying in general. It can be hard to find the actual lessons buried in with the various articles they are also sharing at this link, but it’s a good resource.

5. Bullyproof Classroom

I found some of the suggestions on the lesson plans of this website to be terrific visual representations of how our actions affect others  – like not being able to put toothpaste back in the tube after it had been squeezed out (like we can’t take back hurtful words once we’ve said them).

6. Bullying Awareness: Reclaiming Our Schools

Based off an initiative This site has full lesson plans for students from JK – Grade 12. They include a huge variety of ideas – from art and dance to writing, and much much more. They seem very adaptable. The site also has a great collection of other resources to support teachers and leaders.

Games/Videos and Resources for Kids

http://teamheroes.ca/website/play.html – Become an S-Team Hero and fight bullying. The game walks you through a variety of bullying scenarios and asks you to make a choice of what you should do.

http://www.kidshelpphone.ca/Kids/Home.aspx – This is where kids can go for help if they are bullied, abused, need help, or just a voice to talk to. The site has games, information, a space to share stories and get support.

http://www.stopbullying.gov/kids/index.html – This site has a few games, some information, and some cartoon webisodes devoted to teaching kids about bullying and how to help stop it.

http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/games/bullies_flash.html – Beat The Bully game. You’ve challenged the school’s biggest bullies to a rocket race. You need to win.

http://www.pacerkidsagainstbullying.org/ – This site has games and information all about bullying and how to help stop it. Completely interactive and informative – it’s a fun site for kids to hang out on. They also have a sister site for teens.

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