Take a Exciting Virtual Trip Across Canada with The Canadian Adventure

Canada is a country filled with amazing diversity and beauty. From mountains to prairies, urban explosion to rural farm lands, castles and cathedrals to lighthouses and green gables. Our history is rich with the stories of the peoples who live here – from sea to sea to sea. 

But, it’s also huge! Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world and, for most people, the opportunity to visit all around is almost impossible. 

As a child, summer meant cramming into the family station wagon with a trailer hitched to the back. Off we would go exploring Canada and the US. It’s an experience that I look back on now with fondness, although I know I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time. Unfortunately, it’s not likely something I can experience with my own children, as the cost of travel and the rhythm of our lives is much different than my family growing up. 

Realizing that, I decided that I wanted to make a virtual version of the experience of learning all about what Canada has to offer – and The Canadian Adventure: A Virtual Trip Across Canada was born. It’s the chance to discover Canada from the comfort of home

A map of Canada and a Canada flag suitcase with text that reads "The Canadian Adventure: A Virtual Trip Across Canada."

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Canadian Iconic Tourist Spots

What are the top tourist spots in Canada? How many can you think of? 

There are many popular places that people want to visit when they are travelling across Canada, like these:

  • Niagara Falls in Ontario
  • Chateau Frontenac in Quebec
  • Lake Louise / Banff in Alberta
  • Green Gables in PEI
  • L’Anse Aux Meadows in Newfoundland
  • Calgary Stampede in Alberta
  • Stanley Park in British Columbia
  • CN Tower in Ontario
  • Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick
  • West Edmonton Mall in Alberta
  • Parliament Hill in Ontario
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge in British Columbia

Nearly 200,000 people visit Green Gables every year. That’s a lot of house guests! 

When doing this virtual adventure, I wanted to make sure that we included these popular attractions, because they are important. Some of these are just for fun, some are cultural experiences, some are breathtaking natural features, and others are historical. So of course we need to experience them. 

But how? 

We do this through videos, websites, dropping ourselves down onto Google Maps and wandering around, and photos. We get right into the experience as much as possible so that it feels as close to being there as we can get it. 

Canada’s Hidden Gems

But there’s so much more to Canada than the big features. Every province and territory has unique experiences, features, and things to see – so we need to make sure that we take a look at them too.

Did you know that Canada has a large sand desert? It’s true. It’s called the Athabasca Sand Dunes in Saskatchewan and it’s nearly 100 km long! 

Here are some other fun things to discover while travelling around: 

  • An igloo church
  • A magnetic hill
  • A lake monster
  • Several oversized statues (like a massive lobster and a big nickel!) 
  • Forts, Outposts, and Citadels

Canada’s natural elements are incredibly important too. Have you ever heard that we have:

  • An iceberg highway?
  • A mountain that fell apart?
  • Sand that sings? (Well, it more makes a weird squeaking sound than singing, at least to my ears!) 
  • A 1000 year old tree that is over 66 meters (215+ feet) tall? 
  • A group of mountains named after Norse gods?
  • Dinosaur bones?

The coolest part about doing a virtual trip across Canada is that you can actually see places that you might not get to if you were actually travelling, because we aren’t restricted by time, money, or accessibility. In fact, we can even travel to some locations that are only available to few visitors a year due to their location, elements, or preservation. It’s pretty amazing, honestly. 

Taste the Canadian Culture – Food Tasting Adventure

No trip anywhere is complete without trying local foods and The Canadian Adventure offers that opportunity as well. Admittedly, you have to make it yourself, but it’s still tasty!

In many ways, it’s a chance to learn more about what each province or territory farms or hunts and then how they use those resources to create something tasty! 

Blueberry Grunt with Whipped Cream

Guess what? It’s not all maple syrup recipes, either. No matter what the stereotype of Canadian food is like! We get to try all kinds of things – and maybe even taste something we wouldn’t have before. Wherever possible, there are videos to explain more about why that food is made from that province / territory so there’s a link back to the cultural reasons. 

I mean, it makes sense to try seafood if you are in the Maritimes but not so much when you are in the prairies, right? 

Canadian Geography is Connected with Canadian History

The Canadian Adventure isn’t a history program (that’s My Canadian Time Capsule), but it would be hard to travel across the country without history being involved. Evidence of the people who have lived here before us is everywhere – from the fur trading forts to the citadels, model villages from different times, and the ways that different events impacted our country.

In this virtual trip across Canada, you will get to see: 

  • What life was like living as a lighthouse keeper
  • What cause the Halifax Explosion in 1917
  • Where Vikings lived when they arrived in North America
  • Various re-enactments and historical museums

Don’t Forget about Canadian Arts! 

Taking some time to add in a short lessons about different Canadian artists is important too. Especially since we have some amazingly creative (and talented!) creators all across the country. 

Then, trying out art styles, techniques, and media to match with our own creative spin. 

Still life painting attempts - one featuring bananas, the other with an apple and flowers.

Plus, there’s music everywhere – and although the program doesn’t explicitly cover specific musicians, it does have different iconic musical recordings included. Great Big Sea, anyone? 

How to Make a Virtual Trip Across Canada Memory Book

When you go on a journey, you want to record it! There are lots of ways to do that. 

Option 1: Use a scrapbook. 

Print out pictures from the tourism websites from each province / territories that showcase the things that you found the most interesting then glue them into your scrapbook. Write a journal entry about the province and what you learned along the way. 

travel journals

Option 2: Use a Canada Themed Activity Book. 

Curriculum creator, Thinking Tree, has put together a Canada-themed workbook with lots of fill in the blank questions and worksheets. Each province gets several pages. There’s room for general information, mapping, biographies, official symbols, recipes, movie reviews about a movie which takes place in that province, and interesting places. It’s a helpful addition to the program if you want something ready made. 

Option 3: Print a Travel Journal. 

The travel journal is included with The Canadian Adventure. It’s super simple – with a place to write down 3 top things about each province / territory with space to draw pictures or make a collage of memories. Use it alone or in conjunction with one of the other options. 

Other Things to Add to the Canadian Adventure

As with all learning, it’s always fun to add extras to whatever you are doing. For example, finding a great book to go along with the program. There are actually a few recommendations included, such as Wow Canada or Hey Canada, depending on what version of the trip you take. 

Plus, why not add some more hands-on elements? 

Some provinces / territories have crafts, projects, worksheets, and more included, but you can also try doing things like building a puzzle of Canada, using maps to practice mapping skills, and playing geography games. 

A completed map of Canada puzzle

Common Questions About This Virtual Trip Across Canada

What Age is The Canadian Adventure For? 

I’m not great at setting intentional age ranges for my resources because I feel like it can be used by all ages, with adaptations. I’ve used this program with kids all the way from grade 1 through high school. I think the sweet spot would probably be grades 2-6, if I was forced to pick a range. 

How Long Does it Take? 

Again, this is a hard question to answer. It will depend on your family plans and how deep you go. You can probably complete most of a province in a week if you wanted to, but realistically, you would probably want to take around 2 weeks to fully enjoy the experience. 

I have had people tell me they spent a month in each province / territory, adding extras that I hadn’t included to make it even more in depth. 

It’s really up to you! 

Do We Have to Do Everything? 

Absolutely not. You can pick and choose whatever you want within the program. You can skip things that aren’t a good fit. You can add more if it’s not enough. It’s your homeschool! I just compiled the resources for you. You decide how or if you want to use them. 

The ultimate goal of this program is to give your family an opportunity to learn more about the country we live in, discover both the amazing natural and man-made sights, and create memories while doing it. 

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This blog post was originally posted in March 2015, and has been rewritten and published in February 2024.

Cover of the book "The Rough Guide to Canada."

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How to Teach Canadian Geography in Your Homeschool
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