Homeschooling Through the Winter

Winter in most parts of Canada tends to be at the very least cold, if not snowy and freezing. It can be easy to lose momentum over these winter months, especially when homeschooling. This month, each member of our Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team is sharing their ideas and experiences of how to homeschool through the winter.


Tammy – 6 Sanity Strategies for Homeschooling in the Winter

The biggest challenge for me with homeschooling in the winter is finding good strategies to not only survive, but thrive during the winter months. After 9 years of homeschooling these are my top 6 sanity strategies for homeschooling in the winter.

Christy – Homeschooling in Winter

I love winter, as long as my car will start. … Big, open fields of white snow makes me want to do geometry exercises outside. Can you draw a polygon without any obtuse angles in the snow?

Lisa – Homeschooling Through the Winter

What does our homeschooling in the winter look like? good question !

Alexandra – Homeschooling Through the Winter

Homeschooling through the winter can be difficult at times, especially in Canada. The weather is often very cold, the snow might be pretty but isn’t always inviting, but spending too much time inside can lead to “cabin fever”.
So, what can we do? 

Lee – Winter Homeschooling, Yukon Style

We live in the Yukon, which means that in any given year winter can go from mid September until mid May… That’s 8 months or 8/12ths of the year or 66% of the year – ACK!

Amber – Lake Effect Snow in the North: Homeschooling During the Deep Freeze

Homeschooling … can be challenging in January as we are in the deep freeze until the end of February when it starts to warm up. Thankfully we know this will happen and so aside from jumping deeper into our studies we use some of our rare free time to explore other things.

 Andrea – Homeschooling Through the Winter

 … Just when you think you’re out of the cold grasp of winter, it grabs hold of you and reels you back in for what seems like eternity. By February, cabin fever can set in, and your school year seems to be dragging on, or unraveling right before your eyes!  Here are a few suggestions or tips, to make it through the winter when you’re homeschooling.

Debbie – Joyfully Homeschooling Through the Winter

As a homeschooler, the winter months have so much beauty and so much opportunity to teach.  There is much amazement to behold – and that amazement will rub of on your children.  Or on the flip side, your child’s amazement of winter can rub off on you.  Either way – get outside!

 Joelle – Winter Homeschooling

[T]he lack of activities during the winter months do not affect us as much. It is life as usual. As a matter of fact we get more done during the winter months, especially that we run a year round kind of homeschool schedule.

Kimberly – Homeschooling Through the Winter Doldrums

Have you hit the dreaded winter doldrums in your homeschool yet? You feel like you can’t go another day without the sun and daydream about Disney, the kids have cabin fever, it’s difficult to get the them motivated to do their homeschool work, and you’re all on edge and snapping at each other! I’m right there with you, right now! I’m writing this as much to encourage myself as you.

13 thoughts on “Homeschooling Through the Winter”

  1. Launa Bustamante

    I would love a resource that describe creative ways of learning. Whether it’s by games, field trips, cool places to visit. But not just your everyday games, field trips, cool places to visit. But ones that aren’t on the top 10 things you should see. Perhaps a ‘bucket list’ so to speak for kids and families of all ages and abilities.

  2. Shari Goss (@knitwitshair)

    I am supposing the free downloadable worksheets doesn’t count for an answer??? But that is what I really want!! LOL And all the grade 1 workbooks and lessons … ALL! LOL

  3. We would love any of the History or Geography sets! We are currently exploring the Middle Ages and I see there are some resources listed that would be a great accompaniment to what we are doing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. The ebooks and novel studies are the thing for me. The Anne of Green Gables one would be especially great as I have just begun reading the first book of the series out loud to my daughter.

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