Creation Crate

Creation Crate – BoomBox {Review}

This post contains affiliate links. If your children excel at hands-on projects or you are looking for a fun but challenging hobby for your older children, try Creation Crate – a tech subscription box that teaches electronics and programming skills together. WHAT IS CREATION CRATE & WHAT PROJECT WE DID: Creation Crate is a Canadian-based …

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Video Games: 25+ Things Your Kids Learn From Gaming

Video games are powerful tools for learning, even if they seem just designed for entertainment. Since these are here to stay and have started to permeate into other areas of our lives, it’s important for us to be willing to see the amazing way that gaming can be used for education. If you’ve ever had …

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Typing Program for Homeschoolers: Typesy

In a world that is more and more computer-based, learning to type is one skill that our kids should learn. One way to do that is through a typing program for homeschoolers like Typesy. This is an online program designed for students from ages 8 to adult, using a combination of lessons and games to …

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Kid-Safe Earphones from CozyPhones

CozyPhones are a kid-safe earphones headband which is easy, soft, and fun to use – protecting your child’s ears without the bulk of large headsets or pushing earbuds into their little ears. We go through a lot of headphones in our house. Whether it’s from constant use, rough handling, or being assisted by cord-hungry cats, …

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Tech in the Homeschool Classroom

Tech in the Homeschool Classroom

Technology is a wonderful gift in the homeschooling world – access to more information than any generation before us! This month, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team share how they use technology in their homeschool. Leanne – 4 ways we use technology for French I have a love-hate relationship with technology. I love the way it …

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Teach Your Kids About …. Computer Safety

The world our kids live in is digital. As parents, it’s vital we give our children the tools they need to conduct themselves safely online, and to teach them how to protect their technology. Resources and Information for Parents Internet Safety 101 – about pornography, predators, online gaming, mobile devices, cyberbullying, and social media Growing …

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media smarts

Media Smarts

Media Literacy is an important skill  in today’s world. Children are inundated with messages from television, music, video games, movies, and the internet on a daily basis. They need to learn how to filter the messages appropriately and how to be safe in their digital environments. Media Smarts is a website that focuses on education, public …

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Teach Your Kids About …. Keyboarding

These days, computer skills are a must-have for our children. An important skill to learn is how to type quickly and properly. Here are some resources to help make learning keyboarding fun and easy. Practice Games: DanceMat Typing – Popular typing game by the BBC Upbeat – Guitar Hero style music game using ASD space and …

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Video Game Review Worksheet

If your kids are anything like mine (aka video game junkies), you might wonder how in the world to use their passion for something good instead of just mindlessness. After much mulling it over, I thought that encouraging their love of gaming to help them learn the art of reviewing and critiquing would be a …

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