Gynzy Interactive WhiteboardAlthough homeschoolers don’t have interactive whiteboards¬†like the new current phase of technology in the public school classrooms, we can still use our computers to access some of the amazing resources available for this.

Introducing Gynzy – a website full of interactive educational resources that you can use right on your computer screen (with your mouse, instead of your fingers!)

Although they don’t currently have any explicitly Canadian content, they do have a remarkable (and continuously expanding) collection of resources on a variety of subjects related to math, language, science, social studies, etc.

Everything is easy to use, and if you need more help, they have great tutorials to walk you through how to use the program.

In addition to the lessons, you have access to a plain interactive whiteboard, that you can write on, add widgets to, insert pictures or worksheet backgrounds, and more. This is a handy feature. One great example they showed in a tutorial was putting up a clock timer to show kids how much time is left to complete a task.

The company is currently working on making Gynzy be tablet-friendly, which I think is amazing. For now, however, they do have a few apps that you can download.

Membership to the site is a reasonable $9.95/month for homeschoolers. To see if it might work for you in your lessons, you can sign up for free to give it a test run.

Here are some more free examples of lessons available on their website that you can use right now!

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