Tech in the Homeschool Classroom

Technology is a wonderful gift in the homeschooling world – access to more information than any generation before us! This month, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team share how they use technology in their homeschool.

Tech in the Homeschool Classroom
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Leanne – 4 ways we use technology for French

I have a love-hate relationship with technology. I love the way it has opened up different avenues for learning all kinds of things (including French and other languages), but I hate the way it’s so easy to get sucked into it and have it take over our lives. In order to get the tech-benefits without the vortex effect, we are very intentional with our use of technology in our learning (and in our lives, but that’s another story).

Here are 4 ways we use technology to supplement our journey to bilingualism.

Jennifer – How to Use Technology to Make Your Homeschool Rock!

Technology in the homeschool environment can be worrisome and even intimidating. Check out these tips on how to use technology to make your homeschool rock!

Annette – Tech – the sad, the glad

Tech, we love it, but sometimes it makes things hard, but in that answer awaits…

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  1. Awesome, I love using technology in our homeschool. Our children use tablets,computers, phones for read alouds, online programs and more. It all has it’s place. Thanks for the added links, looking forward to reading them 🙂

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