Teach Your Kids About …. Computer Safety

The world our kids live in is digital. As parents, it’s vital we give our children the tools they need to conduct themselves safely online, and to teach them how to protect their technology.
Teach Your Kids About ... Computer SafetyResources and Information for Parents

Lesson Plans


  • Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew – a 5 part video series designed for 7 to 11 year olds about making smart decisions online. Available in English, French, and German.

Online Games/Kids’ Websites


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6 thoughts on “Teach Your Kids About …. Computer Safety”

  1. Thank you! Your timing on this one is perfect! I just discovered this week that the filter we had been relying on for our kids’ account does not block inappropriate content from image searches. I asked my hubby to find a better filter and have been looking for resources to teach our kids (8&7) about online safety before it becomes an issue. You’ve just saved me a whole lot of time. Yay!

    1. So glad it will help. I’ve been struggling too – because we had THE PERFECT filter and the company went belly up. Now my kids are able to access every.thing. and it’s stressful! Glad to have found these resources because we need to review….. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hello LisaMarie. Thank you so much for compiling this list. We’ll be going through it over the next while.
    In regards to filters, we use Microsoft Family Safety and K9. So much is blocked but tends slow things down. Any time we need something new for research I check ahead. As we learn together what is good and what is bad, our dear children have time to learn good behavior on-line. I pray that this will be enough for their adult years. I’ve been looking at Covenant Eyes. I really like the concept and will encourage our dear children to become each others accountability partners in the future. It’s so nice to receive your emails.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for the recommendation of K9. I only recently heard of it and am looking at it as an option for our kids’ computer as the filter program we were using stopped working and left us in a lurch. (boo!)

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