Resources to Teach Your Kids About … Photography

Pass a kid a camera and they love to take pictures of their world. Photography is a fun and exciting topic to teach your kids. Here are some resources to help them perfect their photo taking skills.

Resources to help you teach your kids about photography

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Do you have any other recommendations for resources to teach your child camera skills? Share in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Resources to Teach Your Kids About … Photography”

  1. I love photography. These are some great resources. I remember the summer there was a big fire downtown and my son spent the summer documenting the fire, the removal of the buildings, and the clean up of the lot.

  2. Those are some great resources! Before I teach my kids I would probably have to learn some myself! My idea of photography is grabbing my iPhone and shooting a couple of pictures. I’m not a talented photographer at all! But my brother is a photographer-nature photography. I love his beautiful photos!

  3. Thanks for all of those wonderful resources!! I always have my camera with me. I have never had any formal photographic training, just a mom who loves to have a photo journal of our homeschool experience. 🙂 My kids each have their own camera, too. I love to encourage them to record their memories.

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