Teach Your Kid About … First Aid

Want to teach your kid about first aid? Here’s an easy to follow, free, online course to teach them that essential life skill.

Teach Your Kid About First Aid
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First Aid for Free

The site is called First Aid for Free and offers online lessons that cover all sorts of first aid topics: Basic & Advanced First Aid Skills, Pediatrics First Aid, CPR, anaphylaxis, and how to use a defibrillator.  Each course is broken down into easy lessons that use combinations of text, images, and videos to help you learn all about the different subjects.

What we’ve been doing in our house is having a once a week class on first aid where we do the lesson and then follow it up by practising what we’ve learned – hands-on activities to test our skills in action.

I’ve been pretty impressed by the program and am very thankful that it’s free so everyone can learn vital skills that could make a huge difference.

Other First Aid Resources

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