A Fun (& Free) Printable Christmas Activity Pack for Kids

Are you looking for something quick and easy to give the kids to do as things get closer to the Christmas season? Then you might like this printable Christmas activity pack. It’s got just enough activities to keep them busy for a little while, but not so many they are overwhelmed. And they aren’t schoolwork based, so they aren’t likely to groan when you put them out.

Images of the printables included in this Christmas activity pack.

There are 12 fun activities – so if you are doing a twelve day countdown, or the 12 Days of Christmas – you can do one a day. Or you can do them all at once, or mix and match, whatever works for your family. All the activities have been tested by my eight and ten year old (one boy, one girl) for their stamp of approval.

Christmas Word Search

Find 15 Christmas themed words in the puzzle. The answers are included.

Christmas Crossword Puzzle

Probably best for the older kids, this puzzle also uses Christmas words – but they have to solve the clues and handle the spelling as well (unless they have a spelling helper – which is totally a great idea too!) An answer sheet is included.

Christmas Colouring Page

Colour in a gingerbread house.

Completed Gingerbread House Colouring Page

Christmas Maze

Help Santa get down this crazy chimney to the stocking at the bottom. The answer sheet is included.

Christmas Dot-to-Dot

Who is hiding in the puzzle? Follow the numbers and find out!

Christmas I Spy

On this page, there are lots of pictures of Christmas things – like trees and ornaments and gingerbread men and gifts. How many of each can you find in the picture? An answer sheet is included.

Christmas Colour-by-Number

Solve the Christmas riddles to find out what colour to use on each area of the picture. How much do you know about Christmas? Answers to the questions are included.

image of the colour by number worksheet included in this Christmas Activity Pack

Christmas Spot-the-Difference

There are nine differences between the pictures. Can you find them all? An answer sheet is included.

Christmas Decorate a Tree

The christmas tree is all set for you to decorate. What will you put on your tree?

Christmas MadLibs

Create a letter for Santa – with this fun fill-in-the-words madlibs.

Christmas Drawing

Use the grids to copy the Christmas themed images.

Christmas Secret Message

Crack the code to solve the riddle. The answer page is included.

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