12 Christmas Story Prompts For Kids (with Free Printable Cards!)

The holidays can really put a pause on the usual approach to homeschooling, so sometimes we have to get extra creative to sneak in some learning with a holiday twist, like encouraging our kids to write their own Christmas-inspired stories. In this blog post, you will find 12 engaging Christmas story prompts for kids – including a free set of printable cards of the prompts for them choose from.

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How To Use these Christmas Story Prompts with Your Kids

There are lots of ways to use these Christmas writing prompts.

The first is simple – let them choose a prompt and get writing! If your child is a passionate author, let them create a mini-book with their story and illustrations.

Another idea is to have a family storytelling time. Use the prompts as a way to get started. Then, go from person to person, building the story together outloud. It can lead to some incredibly funny and creative ideas!

At our house, writing is often resisted until I give them permission to type it instead. Let them be creative, using whatever tools help them succeed, and encourage them to add in some illustrations or images, etc. If your child isn’t quite comfortable with writing, they can make a comic, make art, act it out, get you to scribe their ideas, record their story, do a stop motion video with LEGO or playdough …. you get the picture. It’s all about allowing our kids to just enjoy this holiday activity.

The Christmas Story Prompts for Kids

Here are the story prompts. Each one is included here and in the printable as well.

Santa’s Lost Presents

On Christmas Eve, Santa accidentally dropped a sack of presents in a snowy forest. A group of animal friends found the presents and decided to help Santa deliver them. What surprises await the woodland creatures on their magical journey?

The Snowman’s Secret Wish

A snowman magically comes to life one snowy night and reveals a secret wish to a curious child. Together, they set off on a winter adventure to make the snowman’s dream come true. What happens on their quest?

The Holiday Cookie Contest

In a small town, the annual holiday cookie contest is the talk of the town. A group of young friends decides to enter, but they face unexpected challenges and hilarious mishaps along the way. Will their unique cookie win the grand prize?

Little Reindeer’s Big Adventure

One of Santa’s reindeer, feeling a bit mischievous, decides to explore the world on Christmas Eve before the big night. What does this little reindeer find on his adventures?

Winter Wishes on Ice

In a town where it rarely snows, a group of friends discovers a magical ice pond that grants wishes when you skate on it. As they glide across the ice, each child makes a special wish. What will their wishes be?

The Magic Snow Globe

Emma receives a mysterious snow globe as a holiday gift from her grandmother. Little does she know, shaking the snow globe transports her into a magical winter wonderland. What is this new world like and what friends will she meet?

The Holiday Helper Elves

Santa’s elves accidentally mix up the gift tags, creating delightful chaos. How can the elves fix the mix-up and ensure everyone gets their perfect gift?

The Great Gingerbread Mystery

The night before the holiday bake sale, the gingerbread cookies come to life leaving a trail of icing clues. Can the kids solve the great gingerbread mystery before the bake sale begins?

Santa’s Super Sleigh

On Christmas Eve, Santa has a brand new high-tech sleigh, equipped with gadgets and gizmos, malfunctions, and Santa needs the help of a clever group of kids to save the night. Can the children use their creativity to ensure every gift is delivered on time?

The Lost Stocking

On Christmas Eve, a lost stocking encounters various holiday characters and spreads joy throughout the town. Will the stocking find its way back to the rightful owner in time for Christmas morning?

The Night the Toys Talk

One night a year, Christmas Eve, all the toys in your room come to life! Toy soldiers march, dolls dance, and stuffed animals have a grand party. What adventure will you have before the sun comes up?

The Magic Pencil

Jay gets a new pencil in his stocking. Every time he draws something with it, it comes to life! What does Jay draw and what happens?

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