Meet David Suzuki: A Book Review

Title: Meet David Suzuki 
Author: Elizabeth MacLeod 
Illustrator: Mike Deas 
Grade Level: Gr. 1-5 
Publisher: Scholastic, 2021


Meet David Suzuki: scientist, educator, and environmental activist!

The award-winning Scholastic Canada Biography series highlights the lives of remarkable Canadians whose achievements have inspired and changed the lives of those who followed.

As a young boy, David Suzuki loved spending time in the glorious British Columbia outdoors with his father. The racist policies against Japanese Canadians during World War II put an abrupt end to that when David’s family was sent to a Japanese internment camp in 1942. After the war, the Suzuki family was forced to leave B.C., settling in Ontario. David immersed himself in learning, earning a PhD in zoology, becoming a professor, and eventually taking his love of science education into the public sphere with his shows on CBC radio and television. His connection to nature, commitment as a scientist, and media presence found David among the first to raise the alarm on how human behaviour is endangering all life on Earth. He has worked tirelessly to bring attention and, more importantly, offer solutions to this critical issue. Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time, and David Suzuki has led the charge in education and activism in Canada for decades.

Written by award-winning author Elizabeth MacLeod, this portrait of David Suzuki couples simple yet compelling writing with comic-flavoured illustrations by Mike Deas that help bring this fascinating story to life!


Have you heard of the name David Suzuki before? It’s very likely that you have heard of this famous Canadian. David Suzuki has brought a lot of awareness and teaching about the natural world and caring for our environment. Meet David Suzuki is a new book in the engaging Scholastic Canada Biography series that explains about the life and impact of David Suzuki. 

I really like the set of biographies in the Scholastic Canada Biography series. Meet David Suzuki is no exception. The combination of graphic cartoon style and narrative is ideal for the book’s audience of kids age 6-10. Likely kids a little older than this range would enjoy it also. I like how the book tells about David Suzuki’s achievements in the areas of science and caring for the environment. However I also was surprised to read about some other facts I wasn’t aware of before. Did you know that as a child, he was a part of a family that was put into a Japanese internment camp? Were you aware that his family became the first Asian Canadians to live in Leamington, Ontario? Meet David Suzuki also covers these intriguing details. At the back of the book there is also a timeline of David’s life and a few photos which I feel adds to the enjoyment of the book.

Teaching our kids about the achievements, struggles, hard times and challenges of famous Canadians is important. Bringing awareness and education to environmental concerns is also a topic that kids should learn about. Scholastic Canada Biography: Meet David Suzuki covers both. I recommend this book and any others in the Scholastic Canada Biography series!


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