LEGOQuestII: Scoop It

LEGOQuestIIIt’s LEGO Quest time!

This month, your challenge is to design something with:


Grab a cup and scoop it full of LEGO bricks. What can you make with the pieces?

You can use actual LEGO bricks, or the Digital Designer on your computer to build your creation (take a screenshot using CTRL+K!) 

All submissions need to be posted or sent in by the 20th of the month.

To see how to share your design and for all the details of the challenge, please check out the main LEGO Quest II challenge page. Remember to use the hashtag #LEGOQuestII if you post on Instagram, so I can find your photos.

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  • by Elena Posted December 7, 2016 5:31 am

    Good afternoon! There were some difficulties with the exact translation into Russian. Do I understand correctly that the topic of free and can collect anything from the Lego that we have?

    • by LisaMarie Posted December 7, 2016 3:34 pm

      Hi! 🙂 Yes, just take some LEGO in a cup then make a design with it! 🙂

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