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Learning Wrap-Ups Review
What I reviewed: Full Online Family Subscription Learning Palette
What is it? Math and Reading Review by Learning Wrap-Ups
Who is it for? Grades K-5
How much is it? For 1 year: $25 for 1 user or $60 for up to 5 users
Where can I find it? http://learningwrapups.com/

Tell me more:

This website is an online version of a physical card and manipulative activity. It covers math and reading skills for the K to 5 range (although my oldest who is Grade 4 felt that it was rather young for him.)learningpaletteThere are 5 levels of math and 3 levels of reading skills. They include: numeration, geometry, algebra, probability, reading comprehension, word usage, grammar, vocabulary, and more!

Basically, you pick a “card” – which is a subject or topic in whatever range you want and it gets put on the tray. There are cut outs all around the tray where you can place coloured discs to indicate the location of the right answer. Using the clues and questions in the centre of the card, you need to match the answer within that segment. For example, on the image below where the fish are, you need to drag the green circle that represents the pink fish as lighter than the blue and then the orange disc with a hole in it unto the heavier spot. On some cards, the centre questions are rather small and thankfully, there’s a little magnifying glass to zoom in and read it better.

At any point while working on a card, players can click the “check answers” option to see if they need to fix anything. When they finish everything, they click that they are done, get their results and get to move onto the next card, review the same card, or go back to the menu. Back on the main menu, a green dot appears beside the ones they’ve completed.

learning palette

What we thought:

I actually own several of the Learning Wrap-Up hands-on products that we’ve used in our homeschool to help with various math activities, so I was looking forward to checking out this website. I am typically a fan of anything that makes review and learning fun. The concept behind this site is terrific. Self-checking activities are a great way for kids to develop understanding because they have to see their errors and figure out how to fix them. The content is great – it covers a great variety of subjects and skills and offers terrific practice for things your child has been learning.

At first, my kids were gung-ho on this site. They were excited by it and worked through many of the cards quickly. Everything was relatively user friendly and they could maneuver themselves around the site without much supervision. They loved the idea of being able to choose cards and work through a whole section.

Unfortunately, the novelty wore off pretty quickly and I had a hard time convincing them to work on the site. I think it was just that the actual activity was just too repetitive. We found the initial registration and homepage a little clunky and the site itself was a bit too big for the screen which required me to reset the zoom to smaller to see the whole thing. One area that frustrated my boys (and me while keeping track) was that the green dot to indicate completion didn’t always end up checked off. That meant we didn’t always remember what activity they’d finished the last time they played.

I think, for my kids, that the actual physical product version of this might have had more success. What I’m going to do is use it as a review whenever we’re working on a new idea or concept that I want them to remember instead of trying to add it to our every day lessons. I think by pulling it out at random times will keep it fresh, fun, and unique, which will re-pique their interest and make them more interested in giving it a go.

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