Learning Books from Raincoast Books

These fun books from Raincoast Books (a distributor of international books to Canada) make reading time fun with the kids in your life.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site: If you have a toddler or preschooler who is into trucks or construction vehicles – this is the perfect book. Including 5 buttons that add sounds like the backup-beep, rocks and tires crunching to the story, you follow along the daily tasks of each truck as they work and then tuck into bed for the night. My 20 month old claimed this book for himself and hasn’t really let me look at it again. He LOVES the sounds it makes and the trucks on the inside. It’s HIS book.

Planet Kindergarten: This little boy is ready for his first day of Kindergarten, but … with a twist. Obviously a fan of space exploration, he’s heading off to Planet Kindergarten – a place that’s different than home, and he’s got to go alone – no parents allowed. He’s ready for liftoff and away he goes. He discovers he likes space food, that gravity works differently (their hands go up a lot), and that failure is not an option. It’s a cute little story – especially if your kid is giving school a try for the first time. If not – it’s still just fun. Personally, I really enjoyed the illustrations which are very bright and colourful.

Bedtime Math²: This Time It’s Personal : If you want to make math less of a worksheet activity and more of a fun puzzle and game, this is the book you want to grab. Divided into 5 chapters, there are several little “stories” in each. Each one has a short text of information followed by 4 different questions that you can choose from based on the ability of your child: wee one, little kid, big kid, and a bonus question. It’s a great thinking kind of book – stimulating the brain and getting kids to solve these questions. This is a fun book and my boys love it. We’ve done a few puzzles together and I’m going to start adding it into our daily routine as we kick off our day.


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