Hands-On Canadian History: When the Provinces and Territories Joined Canada

The provinces and territories of Canada have been ever changing since the country first became official in 1867. At first, it was just a few provinces, but over time, has grown to become the 2nd largest country in the world. Between 1867 and today, Canada has divided its land into 13 distinct provinces and territories, with the last one not being defined until 1999!

Here’s a fun way to learn when each province or territory became part of this country.

What Years The Provinces and Territories of Canada Joined Canada


The Provinces and Territories of Canada Flag Matching Game

Materials Needed

  • Large map of Canada (I used the {affiliate linkUnique Media Map of Canada)
  • Printed out Provincial flags
  • popsicle sticks
  • glue
  • playdough
  1. Print out the flags sheets and cut out each rectangle. Fold them in half around a popsicle stick and glue in place.
  2. Stick the popsicle flags into small balls of playdough so they can stand up.
  3. Open up your map of Canada and match the flags to the correct provinces/territories. Stand them in place on top of the location they represent.
  4. Once that is easy, add a challenge and only look at the dates on the back. See if you can figure out what flags go where only by the date. This is tricky because there are multiple provinces at some points along the way!

Each of the flags has the provincial flag on one side and the date it officially became part of Canada on the back. You can use this game just as a way to match the flag with the province it represents as well as a way to see the year it joined.

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