Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers: Subscription Boxes

Kids love getting things addressed especially to them in the mail, and so monthly subscription boxes are a great way to combine learning and fun with the thrill of getting mail. Here are 5 terrific subscription box companies.

Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers: Subscription Boxes
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1. Little Passports : This company offers a monthly box delivered in the format of a package from two fictitious characters on an adventure around the world (or the US – depending on the package you choose.). The starting kit comes with a little mini suitcase for your child to keep their monthly treasures in, a world map, and intro letter. Each following month has a postcard and activities based on a new country, as well as some online bonuses and goodies. It is a great way to learn about other cultures and communities, and spark their interest in geography. (I wrote a post about how to expand it to do a fuller world geography experience.)

If you have younger kids, you can also get an Early Explorers kit, which is geared for preschoolers to start their exploration of the world. Plus they have a lot of extra new additions in their store – such as a plush puppy, world coins, a backpack, and even a coral reef kit.

New for 2016, Little Passports introduces Science Expeditions , a monthly subscription that sends your child a kit full of scientific fun. Solve science mysteries, do experiments, and feed your child’s natural curiosity. Designed for kids ages 9+. We’ve been reviewing it this year and have had SO much fun with it. Check out our review here: Science Expeditions.

Where to Buy: Little Passports Website

Cost: World Kits & USA Kits are $12.95/month or you can buy a year’s subscription and lower the cost to $11.95/month. Early Explorers Kits are $15.95/month, or only $13.95/month with a year’s subscription. Science Expeditions are $20.95/month or a year for $17.95/month. Shipping to Canada is an additional $4.50/month. (US$)

Age Range: Ages 5-10.  Early Explorers is for 3 – 5 year olds. Science Expeditions is for 9+.

#2. Curiosity Box : Canadian. This monthly activity box is filled with 3 crafts and an activity plus everything you need to complete them (including instructions!) based on a theme for the month.

curiosity box

Where to Buy: Curiosity Box Website

Cost: Single boxes cost from $26.50/month. Subscribing ahead helps lower the cost – a year’s subscription lowers it to $24.50/month. Sibling add-ons are available at an extra cost.

Age Range: Ages 3 – 7

#3.  My Funvelope. Canadian.

“Each month your child’s craft subscription will include four pre-packaged crafts and activities with easy kid-friendly directions. It will also include one STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activity kit focusing on making learning a fun hands-on experience. Everything they need to complete the crafts will be included! Even the glue, markers, and scissors!”

Where to Buy:

Cost: $18/month (Free Shipping in Canada!)

Age Range: Ages 3-9

4. Brick Loot. Have a LEGO fan in your house? This is the box they need! A monthly box of LEGO related theme-centred goodness.

“You will receive a Brick Loot box filled with LEGO and brick related items. We search high and low for the newest, coolest and most outrageous items you will not find at your local toy store. All items are hand picked by our LEGO loving team and sure to leave you with a BIG smile.


  • Exclusive Brick Loot LEGO Minifigures
  • Custom Build with LEGO Bricks (Instructions and pieces) in EVERY BOX
  • LEGO Accessories
  • LEGO compatible products
  • The newest brick items in the market
  • Exclusive Brick Loot items you can not get ANYWHERE else!”

Coolest of all? This company was started by a 9-year-old boy named Parker (who is now 13 years old).

Brick Loot - A Monthly LEGO Subscription Box

Where to Buy: BrickLoot Website

Cost: Individual Monthly Boxes are $27US, or subscriptions can lower it down to $24.95US / month. Shipping to Canada is $13/month.

Age Range: Recommended for ages 6-99.

53 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers: Subscription Boxes”

  1. Wow! A HUGE Thank You from this Canadian Mom whos been pulling he hair out at unaffordable US Shipping costs! Seriously, thank you soo much for bringing my atention to these amazing canadian Companies! Dont get me wrong, we are do alot of US on line shopping regardless but for these creative boxes, I was looking for some affordable options, for which youve shared plenty! PS i found this post through your recent Holiday Gifts for Homeschoolers email article 🙂 Happy Holidays!

    1. I totally agree and I think that all packages look like fun for all.
      Especially science expeditions and world edition. ☺

  2. We’re doing our first unit study on animals using the Thornton Burgess books along with our Science curriculum! We love the DK books, they are so much help! We are totally encyclopedia lovers, which DK is most know for!

  3. This is such an awesome compilation of information! I love subscription boxes but the US prices are insane for us right now. Nice to have Canadian options! My daughter will be all over that creation crate when she’s older.

  4. Great giveaway! We did the Magic School Bus science kits a few years back (it was a gift actually) but I’ve been curious about Little Passports for a while. I’ve not heard of those other options before – great that they are Canadian 🙂

  5. Soooo, I know this was supposed to be for the kids… but I’m totally asking for A Nerd Block subscription for Christmas hahaha 😉

    1. I should add, my daughter would most likely love the Little Passports World kits… she is more interested in countries and cultures than comics and klingon 🙂

  6. My kids would LOVE the brickloot one but we travel 6 months of the year so the Passport one will be well received as well.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  7. My oldest loves maps and would love the Little Passports subscription!
    Thanks for the chance to win! And for highlighting Canadian subscription boxes, which I didn’t know about before.

  8. Suuuuuch an amazing post! My kids are still too young for most of these (other than the Young Explorers!) but I will be saving this post for later! Love all the Canadian options!

  9. This is awesome! And so is your website! This is my first year homeschooling and your website has provided so much information and feedback on products. Thank you! I think my son would be most interested in the Little Passports Science or the Creation Crate! So fun!

  10. My son would enjoy Science Expedition and Nerd Block. Thank you for posting these. I knew about Little Passports but not the others.

  11. Thank you for the subscription box reviews. Great information! My 7-year-olld would love the brick loot box, my 11-year-old would love the creation box, and my youngest would love the little passports box.

  12. I think my children as a group would like the Science Expedition. I’m unsure about the Lego box because when I read the details, it says that not all of the contents are real Lego, some of the stuff is “Lego compatible” (which can sometimes mean lower quality) and the box is not supported or endorsed by Lego at all. My son would love it still, I’m sure.

  13. This is a very helpful list – thank you! I love seeing the Canadian Companies especially as shipping from the US is prohibitive for others.

  14. My kids would love all of these, but I think all of them would enjoy the Creation Crates the most! Thanks for this giveaway.

  15. My boys would love all of them! I think Little Passports and Brick Loot would be their favorites. I am definitely saving this post for future birthdays and Christmas

  16. My daughter would absolutely love the Little Passports World Edition — she has, in fact, been begging me for it for the past week or so.

  17. I’ve been looking at a few of these and really appreciate the reviews! I was seriously considering getting my two youngest kids each a subscription to Brick Loot. They go bonkers for Lego!

  18. I’ve looked into so many of these boxes but haven’t been able to commit. I’d love for my kids to give the Little Passports one a try!!

  19. My kid would LOVE a science box delivered every month! He has gone from saying he wanted to be an alien doctor to an everything scientist to the most recent, possibly marine biology with two other science degrees he has not decided on yet!

  20. I have kids ages 4-10 and I can see someone in this house loving any of the subscriptions! Might have to change up Christmas presents to include one or two of these. Love the idea.

  21. My son would probably love the lego box and the science part of Little Passports. Another great subscription box is Kiwi Crate. They have STEM and art options for children ages 3-teenager.

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