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Curiosity Box is another Canadian activity box designed for kids ages 3 to 7. Offering the option of a single box, a monthly subscription, or a party kit – these boxes are based on themes and include 3 crafts and 1 activity in each box. Delivered to your door with your child’s name on it, they are a fun way to spend time together.

I chose to use this box with my almost 9 year old. He’d been hoping that soon there’d be mail just for him, so it was the perfect opportunity to give him something to do. I was a little worried that the crafts would be too “little kid” for him, but he loved every moment of it.


Inside the box we found a kit of activities all based on the Holidays: a foam gingerbread house, a stained-glass window style snowman, a beaded reindeer, and a game of holiday Bingo. Along with that was a full-colour tri-folded brochure explaining how to do each craft and activity. PLUS … there were a bunch of extras in the box, all based on the same theme. A little colouring book, an extra papercraft Christmas tree, and several fun little toys like a top and a “put the ball through the snowman” game. I think that this made the box a super score for my Middle. He loved that there was so much in the box – just for him.

At first, I thought he would like to just work on the crafts alone, as he’s older than the box is technically recommended for, but it ended up with us working together on many of them. He just loved having that one on one time and the guidance of step-by-step direction.

The gingerbread house was like a little foam 3D puzzle that we had to put together. Once you got the basic house done, you pushed out some little foam shapes and got decorating. I love that even though it was tempting to simply copy the picture, my son was able to do his own thing and loved decorating it his own way -just like we do with our real jumbled gingerbread house decorating!

The reindeer had a few tricky steps of tying the pipe cleaner so I had to give him a hand, but it turned out really cute and he’s excited to put it on the tree.

Our snowman was a really interesting activity. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out – because after applying glue and tissue paper to the included acetate paper, it curled up like crazy! We left it to dry and added the foam frame and extras, and thankfully, it totally worked out terrifically. He’s hanging it in his bedroom window to add a little winter flair to his room.


Curiosity Boxes cost $26.95 for a single box or $23.95 – $25.95 a month if you get a subscription. If you have more than 1 child, you can add sibling boxes for an additional $11.95. Shipping is FREE for these boxes.

They also have party kits that start at $46.95 and include 2 crafts and an activity for up to 8 kids.

This was a fun kit! Looking through the other theme options listed, I think they all look like a blast.

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  1. Thank you for this post! Just in time for Christmas! I gave the site to my grandmother for my kids. They would love this idea.

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