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Finding quality Canadian educational resources can be tricky. When I was looking through our local teacher supply store searching for fun things to use in our homeschool this year, I stumbled across a display of products by a company called Gallopade International. Their resources looked very interesting so I was excited when they sent me some to review.

Reproducible Workbooks

First, they sent me several reproducible workbooks about Canada, like the Big Canada Reproducible Activity Book These include worksheets on various topics such as history, geography, being Canadian, etc. The activities inside vary from answering questions in a traditional worksheet style, rebus puzzles, code breaking puzzles, mazes, matching games, map colouring, fill in the blanks, and more. In fact, there is even one page that I found with math problems to get the answer of what year different events happened! I went through each of the books that they sent me and marked pages to copy as review or just for fun during our studies of Canadian history.

The products that I am VERY excited about adding to our lessons this year are Canada: Primary Resources and Canada Bingo: History Edition.

Canada: Primary Resources

This package comes with full page photographs of 20 different primary resources. They would make terrific visuals up on the wall as you work through Canadian history. For example, there is artwork like the Defeat of the Iroquois at Lake Champlain and the A View of the Taking of Quebec. There are also political cartoons and portraits, plus some really neat posters, such as an immigration to Ontario advertisement and an announcement to the Japanese people in BC about prohibited areas during World War II. Being able to see for themselves the faces and words that others saw and experienced is a terrific way for kids to learn history.

Canadian History Primary Sources

Gallopade International also has many other Canadian educational resources – such as fictional books for kids and flag stickers, a really neat looking set of history game packs – like millionaire, survivor, and wheel of fortune, and more. They actually have quite a great selection of resources to choose from.

I found these at Scholar’s Choice in Canada, but you can also order directly from Gallopade International’s website.

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