Emergency Preparedness

There’s a lot of great emergency preparedness material available from many different Canadian resources – such as the government and the Canadian Red Cross.

emergencyprepThe Government of Quebec’s Civil Security for Youths has a great site for both Teachers and kids – which explains a variety of natural disasters, what you should put into an emergency kit and some games to play.

The Canadian Red Cross has a program called Expect the Unexpected which has a great educator resource in the form of downloadable activity booklets and facilitator guides for a wide variety of ages. You can also download a parental guide. Co-ordinating with the program, you can watch a few videos and print posters then reward participants with printable certificates for completing it!

Emergency Management Ontario offers a large collection of learning materials to help people Be Prepared. Not only do they have complete sections of their website set aside for educating families and individuals on how to be prepared at home, work, and in the car for all sorts of emergencies, but they also have a great site for both educators and kids as well. Lesson Plans for K – 6 to help teachers explain and expand on emergency preparedness, videos to watch, booklets and other printable materials, games and puzzles.

They also have a How-To guide to hold your own Emergency Preparedness Survivor Challenge .

The Girl Guides of Canada actually has a crest reward for this very topic. For the younger kids, here’s a great list of reading books on the topic. And for the older girls, a whole selection of activities to choose from.

It’s important to plan ahead for potential emergencies and have an idea of what you can do to help yourself and others. These resources are a great way to be informed and be prepared.

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