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Fall brings the beginning of a new school year for most students in the public school system, and us homeschoolers usually find it a fresh boost even if we never stopped through the summer. It’s time to get back into the swing of things. If you are still looking for some great books to add to your resource library, I recommend you check out DK Canada’s educational book collection.¬†There are books on lots of subjects – math, English, science, art, music, and history.

One subject I’ve heard several homeschooling moms worry about being able to do well with their kids is Mathematics. I admit with some chagrin that I personally have forgotten so much of the math skills we learned in class way back when at school. So, when I saw that DK Canada has some awesome resources for school subjects, I was super thrilled.

Help Your Kids With Math GuideHelp Your Kids With Math

This book is a completely visual guide to everything you need to know about math! Intended to cover topics taught in the ages 9 -16 range, the book is separated into 6 sections:

  • Numbers
  • Geometry
  • Trignometry
  • Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Probablility

The book takes every concept and idea needed for math class and breaks it down into a visual representation – perfect for the kid who needs to see it to “get it”. Starting with something as basic as addition, moving through quadratic equations and even the complexities of trigonometry formulas, somehow this book manages to present them all in a brightly coloured explanations. There are real-world applications shown, as well as definitions and “look closer” sections that explain things in more detail.

Help with Math

This is a terrific resource book. I know as my kids move beyond the basics of math and into the more complex ideas, I’ll be thrilled to be able to pull it off my shelf and use it in our lessons for reference.

They also have a Help Your Kid With English book that’s a Canadian edition!

Math Dictionary (Canadian Edition)

math dictionarySometimes, understanding math concepts is just as simple as being able to define what you are doing or looking for. Here’s a great little book that takes math words and defines them – often in colourful imagery. Exactly like the language counterparts, all the words are listed alphabetically for quick reference.

For me, I did French Immersion from grades 7 -13, so sometimes English names for terms confuses me. I love that this is a quick resource to check that I’ve got it right.

It’s really intended for students though – as the simple explanations and colourful diagrams indicate. I know it will be a great tool for my boys (and me!).

Math Dictionary

10 minute math

10 Minute Math

If you are looking for a quick workbook to keep math fun and fresh, check out the 10 minute math books. These books have a timer built right in – with only 2 buttons, which makes it easy: Start and Stop. You set the timer and challenge your student to finish the pages in front of them before the timer goes off. It’s a very basic book, (not a complete curriculum), but a terrific way to review or spruce up lessons.

Multiplication Made FunMultiplication Made Fun

This book is a great introduction to the concepts of multiplication and some tricks to help memorize the times tables more effectively. It’s similar to a little kids’ first knowledge book, and so I think it would be good for the young crowd when they are first starting multiplication. My 9 year old thought it was too babyish for him, even though I’d hoped it would help him with our memorization plans.

It’s filled with colourful pictures and terrific suggestions to get the whole idea of multiplication.

Hopefully these math and learning resources can help make your learning journey just that little bit easier!

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