Canadian Homeschooling Support Groups on Facebook

If you are looking to connect with homeschoolers in your local area or province (or even country wide), Facebook is a great place to do so. Here is a list of some of the groups I’ve found that you can join. Remember – these groups are often small and personal – so you will likely need to request membership. Be sure that you pick one that is appropriate, don’t spam, and be a friendly participant.



British Columbia






New Brunswick

Nova Scotia


Newfoundland & Labrador

The Territories

The following groups are not Canadian, but specialty groups that might be useful.

Faith (or non-faith) based Groups

Special Needs Groups

Homeschooling Methods Groups

7 thoughts on “Canadian Homeschooling Support Groups on Facebook”

  1. There are several private PEI Facebook groups that you can’t search for, so, feel free to look me up on Facebook if you live in or are going to live in PEI and I can hook you up. I think my personal page is public enough that you can just message me there. I’d love to answer questions as well. We have over 100 families that homeschool here! It’s an incredible community. Thanks! – Melinda J.,

  2. Alexandra Dekerf

    Melinda is right (Hi Melinda 😉
    There is a PEI Secular Homeschoolers group that can be “seen” with searching. The posts aren’t visible until one is accepted into the group, but it’s there:

    The other groups are very private, to keep everyone safe, and are also wonderful for all the homeschoolers in general on the island. It’s a great community.

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