Benefits of Homeschooling

On our Facebook page this week, a woman who is considering homeschooling her son asked this question:

“Just wondering what benefits people have found to home schooling??”

I’m sure that the answers for this question would be wide and varied, intensely personal and dependent on the situation. This is one of the questions that homeschooling families are asked over and over (along with the dreaded “why!?”)

Here’s my answer:

Thanks for your question. 🙂 There are SO many answers to this, I think.

Some advantages WE have found in our family are that we are able to focus one on one with each kid and their needs. This is a big one for me. For example, my eldest is a math whiz. I can let him do as MUCH math as he wants/needs. He doesn’t have to get bored repeating concepts over and over that he already knows. My middle was a slow to start learning child, but I can teach him at his own pace. If that means we need to review letters for 6 months, so be it. None of them are forced to go the rate set by schools/teachers.

I can also tailor what we’re learning to a method that works the best for them individually, even on a day to day basis. When we started, we did a lot of workbooks, but now the workbook appeal has dwindled and we’re doing a lot more hands-on activities. I can use non-conventional ways to teach things. For example, my middle son learned his numbers from playing Mario and all the numbers of the worlds! It wasn’t the typical way to learn, but he knows his numbers now! We can learn by jumping on words or doing spelling tests. It’s up to US – not to the curriculum or teacher’s preference. And that means I know my kids will learn.
My boys are extremely close – being each other’s best friends/worst enemies. Plus, I have some control over who they are friends with (at least at this point while they are still young) and am able to protect them from classroom bullies – like the ones that haunted me when I was young. I’m able to be here for discussions about people and concerns. We have a close relationship which leaves us free to talk openly together about anything.

I’m able to include things that I feel are vital to their education that isn’t covered at school – things like faith, and housekeeping skills. My 6 year old comes with me to clean someone else’s house once a week – he’s an amazing help! This gives him a chance to earn some spending money ($5/wk!), so teaches him financial responsibility too. How many 6 year olds think that cleaning a bathroom is “easy”? Admittedly, he hasn’t had the chance to clean a toilet yet, but he will someday. I’m happy to give my kids the chance to learn skills that will one day help their family.

My kids get the chance to spend time with a wide variety of people of lots of ages, instead of being in a room with kids only of their own ages. We can have playdates with other homeschooling families and they learn how to interact with many different groups. I can’t wait til they are older and we can volunteer at various places together – like the local nursing home or the food bank etc.

Right now, my boys are still young – so I don’t have all the same benefits that more experienced homeschooling families can offer.

I’d love to hear your experiences. Please feel free to comment below and add to the conversation.

What are the benefits YOU’VE seen because you homeschool?

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