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Ted Harrison in an artist who lived in the Canadian territory of the Yukon. His art uses a lot of bright colours and lines. Spending some time looking at his work with my children, we made some interesting observations. Most of the painting feature a round sun somewhere in the sky and jagged lines running side to side in layers which really gives an affect of looking like  mountains, sunsets, or even the Northern Lights. Many of them have people or animals and simple houses and buildings. Here are some examples of his art.

We decided to try to make our own similar artwork, inspired by Mr. Harrison’s work. I found a great step-by-step lesson to follow on – Luscious Landscapes. Adapting it slightly from the directions, we tried our own Yukon landscapes.

Materials needed: Crayola Project Glue, Construction Paper, & Crayola Oil Pastels.


Step one: Plan out a design using the features that are common in Ted Harrison’s art – a sun, wavy lines, and some extra special features. Choose a colour of construction paper that you like the best.

Step two: Use Crayola Project glue to create the wavy lines and outlines of objects such as buildings and the sun. This glue comes in a really neat bottle. The lid attaches onto the side so you won’t lose it, and it has a little poke stick to keep the nozzle clean. The glue dries clear and 3D making it a great feature fort his project. Once you have made the lines, you need to leave it overnight to dry.

Step three: The next day, use the oil pastels to colour in each segment in a way that brings it to life. Try mixing colours, changing tones (light/dark), creating the illusion of line passing through another unlined object, etc. Use your fingers or paper towel to smear the colour and to wipe off the glue areas so they aren’t coloured.

Ted Harrison Inspired Art Project -

I have to say that I’m fairly pleased with how well our art turned out! They are very reminiscent of Mr. Harrison’s work and it really wasn’t super hard to do.

Crayola offers a lot of fantastic products and tools that make art easy and fun. Whether it’s Jumbo Crayons for little hands, triangular crayons for the preschoolers learning proper hand grip, special crayons designed for construction paper, multicultural skin toned crayons/pencils/markers, watercolour pencils, coloured modelling clay, and so much more.

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Plus, the Canadian website has so many suggestions and easy-to-follow art projects, it makes it less stressful for me – as a non-art-teacher, to give guidance to my own children’s creativity.

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  1. The Art resources are wonderful. Came across these as I was looking for ideas to design the Art curriculum for my Elementary school After-school Art program. Thank You !!

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