When you hear the name Crayola, you think of arts and crafts supplies: crayons, markers, paint, paper. But maybe you should also think of resources for teaching art. is specifically designed to support teachers help their students unleash their creativity through products, lesson plans, and other professional resources.


Since Crayola is so well-known for its products, it’s no surprise that this site has plenty of options available for purchase. In addition to the typical packages of crayons and markers, you can also buy unique sets, such as a box of all red crayons, or the classroom sets  – which consist of large numbers of a product. For example, you can purchase a box of 800 crayons of 16 different colours.

There are also some products I’ve never seen on the shelves in other stores (although, I might have missed them). Things like buckets of Model Magic, multicultural coloured poster paint, and a dual-ended, erasable highlighter!

You can shop by item type (ie. glue, crayons, scissors) or you can just look at the whole collection to see what you can find.

Prices are really reasonable, which makes this a great site to shop for quality art supplies.

Teacher Resources

The teacher resource section of the site is quite extensive, including not only lesson plans but also booklets, posters, a certificate maker, and more.

There are over 200 various individual lesson plans on the site – searchable by grade level, products used, or subject. Each one includes:

  • a picture example
  • the materials and time needed
  • a step-by-step lesson outline
  • a list of skills being developed through the lesson
  • and a series of adaptations and extensions to the lesson

Tucked away under the professional development category are hidden some amazing gems called Dream-Makers. These booklets are actually lesson plans for students K through 6 that connect art to other subjects, bringing a creative hands-on approach to learning.

There are 7 booklets in total: Early Childhood Education, Language Arts, Mathematics, Principals of Art & Design, Social Studies, After-School Programs, and Science. Within the pages are a variety of art activities with suggested resources, adaptations for younger and older students, and detailed lessons. There are projects like “moon phases manga”, pattern designs, illuminating letters, 3-D family trees, and even pottery.


If you don’t have an actual art curriculum and feel unsure of how to start teaching art – these are a perfect solution.

There are lots of things to explore on this website, and the more you dig, the more you find! It’s a terrific resource for homeschoolers AND teachers.

Visit for all your art supplies and resources.

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