10 Free Science Websites To Expand Your Science Lessons


Here are 10 free science websites full of resources, experiments, printables, activities, lesson plans and more to expand your children’s science learning experiences.

10 Free Science Websites

  1.  Let’s Talk Science – This terrific initiative helps kids to learn and love Science. There are different areas to branch out to, such as CurioCity – for teens and IdeaPark – for preschool and the early years. They have activities to try at home, right from the main menu list, and they offer a free cross-Canada community outreach program where university students come and do science activities with local groups. Plus, they host an annual Let’s Talk Science Challenge for kids in grades 6-8.
  2. School of Dragons – Based on the hit movies, How to Train Your Dragon, the School of Dragon website offers a great list of hands-on experiments, plus great additional resources that help teach the scientific method through activities and worksheets. If you visit Hiccup’s Science Workshop, you can watch videos and more. They’ve even created a grade by grade list of games on the site that co-ordinate with various curriculum guidelines.
  3. Ontario Science Centre – Take a virtual tour of the centre and see experiments and related activities along the way. They also have a section on the site specifically for the early years that includes video, lessons, and activities.
  4. Science: Government of Canada – Not only does this government site round up a great collection of games and activities from various different departments and museums around the country, but, when you explore the Educational Resources section, they also offer the opportunity for kids to “Ask A Scientist” questions (or read answers to past questions), links to recommended other resources, lesson plans, and – my favourite – a collection of 6 Activity Books that you can download and print out that are full of experiments, lessons, activities and more.
  5. Science.ca – Not your typical site of kids’ experiments, this site challenges students to look at experiments from a scientist point of view. Some of them are easy – such as looking for fossils, whereas others are extremely complex – like using a special downloadable calculator to do some equations on. The site also offers a few interactive activities, featured scientists, an opportunity to ask questions, what one 14-year-old did for a science fair project, and a pretty challenging quiz.
  6. Science Bob – Featured on TV shows like Jimmy Kimmel, Dr. Oz, and more, Science Bob’s website is full of experiment videos, and instructions on how to do them yourself. He has put together lots of great information on science fair resources. Plus, he’s written a set of 4 science based fiction adventure stories for kids 9+ all about a set of siblings named Nick & Tesla.
  7. Science is Fun – from the lab of a university chemistry Professor Bassam Z. Shakhashiri, this website has a lot of information – including a great collection of experiments you can do at home, the periodic table, recommended websites and resources, chemical of the week and more. It’s a little cluttered, but it’s still a great site!
  8. Science Kids – Based out of New Zealand, this website is jam-packed full of resources for teaching and learning science and technology. Here you can find: games, activities, lessons, videos, experiments, pictures, science fair ideas, quizzes and more. Everything is clearly sorted and organized by topic and subtopics, making navigation easy to use.
  9. Science World – Thanks to the Telus World of Science Museum in British Columbia, this website has a lot of great kids’ science games such as Ernie the Electric Eel, the changing Vancouver landscape, and how bodies work. Many of these games are based on exhibits in the museum. Plus, you can visit the Big Science For Little Hands @ Home section to for some experiments to try.
  10. Wonderville – This Canadian website helps kids explore more than the usual science experiments. It includes lots of information on careers in a wide variety of scientific fields. There are also a lot of great interactive games, videos, experiments, and stories.  You can look by topic or by grade to help find exactly what you need.

BONUS: Link to Learning: Science – Lists of grade specific lesson plans, ideas, and activities.


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