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Art can be a challenging subject to teach, especially if you don’t feel like it is a skill you excel at. This month, The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team shares their experiences teaching art and how to incorporate it into their every day learning.

The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team Presents : Art

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Alison – Homeschool Art Without a Curriculum

Many homeschoolers feel under qualified in the art department. But with so many other subject areas and resources to buy, not many have the funds available to pour into a pre-packaged curriculum or private art classes for their children. But you can teach art in your homeschool using limited funds using a few well chosen resources, many of which are probably available from your public library. Let me show you how you can do a simple & affordable course in Art and Art Appreciation in your homeschool — I’ve even got a free, printable lesson plan using several popular resources to help you out!

Annette – Be Creative Every Day

Why does that have to be just a distant memory? Why can’t you have that same spirit of creativity, brave exploration, open-eyed wonder… even for just 10 minutes a day?

Alexandra – Our Experiences with Art in our Homeschool

Art is everywhere and has been an important part of our homeschool experience. Over the years, we have enjoyed playing with art and viewing different art forms. We have appreciated art and learned about various artists. Art has been part of our history, science, and even math at times!

Andrea – Art: It’s Not All Glitter and Glue

You don’t need to have an Arts degree, nor does your name have to be Georgia O’Keefe…really… you just need open mind and an imagination.

Bonnie – How We Do Art in Our Homeschool

Art is not one of my strong points. I drew many pictures as a child, but soon realized I couldn’t paint or sketch. Now, my daughters are drawing pictures on every page they can find. I don’t want my inadequacies with art to hold them back. So here is how we do art in our homeschool.

Lisa – Art

I have 2 kids that love to create art, and I mostly just supply material and let them do whatever they want. I do sometimes initiate a project; but I like it more when they come up with their own creative stuff.

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